Statistical Analysis

Consulting has significant experience providing economic and statistical analysis in major class-action discrimination cases, notably in the areas of Employment and Civil Rights litigation.

Whether to be used in support of expert testimony or in non-discoverable pre-trial analysis used to assess the strengths and weakness of claims, a comprehensive statistical analysis of trial data is essential to the success of any discrimination case.

Our consulting team for jury selection services has experience conducting economic and statistical analysis on a variety of multi-million dollar class-action trials, including wrongful termination, hiring and promotional discrimination, compensation discrimination, and racial profiling.

Liability Auditing

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Presentation Technology

  • All the hardware needed for digital presentation of evidence in trial, including:  110” projection screen, Mitsubishi projector, ELMO, remote control equipment, laptops, mobile printers, scanners, and CD burners
  • In-court video presentation and digitizing of depositions (with scrolling text), 3D video and animated presentations, conversion from VHS to digital format
  • Digital scanning of all exhibits
  • Computer deposition organization software
  • Mobile trial support team and technology

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