Ohio Works to Pass “Annie’s Law” to Prevent DUI Offenders Driving Drunk Again

COLUMBUS —A new legislation, this week approved by Ohio House lawmakers, aims to prevent DUI offenders from getting driving drunk and adding lives in peril on the road such as a car accidents in Cleveland.

The law is known as “Annie’s Law.”

A drunk driver on July 4, 2013, struck and murdered Annie Rooney, created and increased in Cincinnati, while she rode her bicycle.

The driver’s blood-alcohol level was the appropriate control and the driver were arrested three times before for driving while intoxicated.

Walt Rooney he’ll never forget the incident that murdered his sister.

“This individual was driving 80 miles an hour or so with no lights at sunset,” he said. “There aren’t any skid marks veered into my lane.”

He was said by Walt Rooney and his household been employed by 36 months to cross Annie’s Legislation. He explained he was in the Statehouse Thursday when the bill keeping his sister’s label handed the Ohio Property. If approved by the Ohio Senate, Annie’s Law might require key interlock devices in cars held by DUI offenders, meaning a driver must go a Breathalyzer test to travel.

Additionally it includes a camera to file who’s currently utilizing the Breathalyzer as well as a GPS system to track the automobile.

Walt Rooney said the job continues to be worthwhile.

“This will save lives he said. “We’re likely to keep pushing. We’ve achieved with Gov. Kasich (and) he is in favor of our legislation. He’s said it.” will be signed by him

Rooney’s family said they would like to ensure their girl stated their vision is all about safety, and did not die in vain.

He was said by David Lewis at LifeSafer in Blue Ash and his corporation are partners within the work to retain Ohio drivers secure. LifeSafer makes the lock devices which disable that records of alcohol in their process to the key devices of cars of individuals.

“With Annie’s Regulation, all OVI offenders is likely to be allowed to have interlock key unit and push during their suspension period. That will produce the roads better us for all,” Lewis said.

Annie’s Legislation signed by Gov. John Kasich in the fall and could be passed while in the Senate later this summer.


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