NJ Pit Bull Attack Injures Woman

Dog attacks can result in significant injuries for victims. A pit bull attack on a woman in late September led many to believe the victim may not survive. The relatively healthy 62-year-old woman was mauled by two pit bulls in late September. The dog attack left the woman with severe personal injuries on many parts of her body.
One of the woman’s arms was opened all the way to the bone from her shoulder to her wrist. One of the doctors that performed surgery to put the woman back together after the mauling says the dogs tore into the woman’s “Arms, hands, legs, face, neck [and] scalp.” The doctor said at a news conference in New York that he had “never seen an animal attack that resulted in this much tissue destruction.”
After eight weeks in the hospital, the dog attack victim still showed signs of injury, her scalp remains wounded. Doctors say that the woman is still missing flesh on one of her legs and in her arm. She is scheduled for more surgery into this month from the September dog attack.
It can happen in an instant. The woman had gone for a walk at an athletic field near her home when the two dogs attacked. The dogs knocked the woman’s cellphone out of her hand. The athletic complex was empty; there was no one around to come to her aid. While being mauled, the woman crawled toward that cellphone. She was able to recover the device and call 911 as the dog attack continued.
News reports indicate that although she may still require surgery from the dog attack, she was released from the hospital after eight weeks of determination leading toward recovery from her severe injuries.


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