Lawsuits Begin as a Result of DePuy Hip Implant Recall

Since the DePuy hip implant recall in August of this year, it was only a matter of time before patients who received the defective implant would begin to file suit. As mentioned in a previous post, DePuy Orthopedics recalled a hip implant that was causing its patients a lot of pain and joint problems.
Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of DePuy, faces the possibility of a number of personal injury lawsuits being brought against them as people begin to understand the extent of the hip implant failures. Many who had undergone the hip replacement surgery did not realize that the pain and discomfort they experienced were attributable to the implant until they saw that there was a recall.
For those who have the DePuy implant, the failure rates are much higher than the generally accepted standard. The number of failed products could actually increase as more problems are reported, since 93,000 patients have the specific implant. As a result of the recall, patients will have to undergo a revision surgery to replace the implant.
For one such patient, the revision surgery relieved over three years of pain and loss of movement. But the removal of the defective hip implant only dealt with the physical injuries she experienced. It does nothing to speak of the hardships that her family endured alongside her, taking care of her and taking care of any household chores she usually took care of.
A hip implant is supposed to help individuals with hip pain, not cause more problems. More people will begin to understand how the recall affects them. As they do, DePuy and Johnson & Johnson had better prepare for more legal woes.
We will continue to update you as more news on the DePuy hip replacement recall becomes available.


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