Ex-UBS banker charged with tax evasion

In the midst of tax season, the U.S. government continues to expand its investigations into offshore tax evasion and other Florida criminal matters. Recently, four Swiss bankers were charged with tax fraud by the U.S. government for allegedly helping American citizens cover up assets in overseas accounts. Credit Suisse Group has tried to distance itself from these employees, asserting it is not the target in the investigations. Although the individuals charged have stated that their employer was well aware of all of their actions, they may face serious personal and professional consequences.

In one of the latest cases, U.S. prosecutors have charged another Credit Suisse Group employee with aiding numerous Americans in evading their income taxes. Although the man currently works for Credit Suisse, the charges arise out of actions he allegedly took while working as a banker for UBS AG, where he was employed from 1999 to 2005.




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