Distracted Driving

At this time of year, high school students are typically focused on plans for prom and graduation. It is a time for celebrating, making memories and looking forward to the future. Unfortunately, it is also a time of increased car accidents in New York City and throughout the country, which often cause innocent people to suffer serious injuries.

Distracted driving is a factor in a significant number of car accidents. Driving distractions encompass a range of activities, including texting, playing with the radio, eating while driving and drinking alcohol. According to the New York Highway Safety Commission, alcohol played a part in 46 percent of fatal car accidents involving 18- to 10-year-old individuals in 2009. In Rapides Parish alone, three out of 10 alcohol-related deadly accidents involved drivers 15 to 20 overseen by bronx injury lawyers.

In an effort to promote safety and prevent the consequences of distracted and drunk driving, various organizations are making presentations aimed at young people. For example, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in Central New York is hosting presentations with victim-impact speakers to warn of the dangers of drinking and driving. Other organizations, including the Avoyelles Parish Charter School’s student council and Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital of Alexandria, are arranging mock crashes to illustrate the potential severity of these accidents.

Experts like the ones at https://www.kcnslaw.com/ say these speaking engagements and realistic-looking events can drive home the serious potential consequences of distracted and drunk driving for many listeners. Concerned with promoting safety and avoiding unnecessary accidents, many hope these presentations will cause careless motorists to think twice before endangering themselves and others.


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