Distracted driving causes 18-wheeler crash

Distracted driving takes many forms and has many manifestations, according to https://www.setarehfirm.com/. The current trend is to talk about distracted driving in the form of cell phone calls, texting and even web-surfing while driving. But when it comes down to it, any cognitive distraction that takes a driver’s mind off of the road can be considered distracted driving. Being tired or falling asleep behind the wheel clearly takes away a driver’s focus, and when that lack of focus is coupled with a multiple ton 18-wheeler, there is a recipe for disaster.

Earlier yesterday morning that recipe was followed and a truck accident was created involving two 18-wheelers. On early Wednesday morning a 47-year-old trucker from Florida fell asleep while driving and crashed his semi into another 18-wheeler that was parked on the shoulder of Interstate 10 in LaPlace, Louisiana. The truck crash injured four people including both of the truck drivers. The 47-year-old truck driver from Florida was cited with careless operation of a vehicle and negligent injury.

According to injury lawyers in Tuscon, the truck accident occurred around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. A 46-year-old truck driver from Memphis, Tennessee parked his semi on the eastbound shoulder of the Interstate because of mechanical issues. The truck driver also appropriately placed a reflective triangle behind the vehicle to warn approaching drivers of the truck’s status. Despite the warning triangle, the truck driver from Florida barreled into the parked semi because the driver had fallen asleep and allowed his truck to drift to the shoulder of the road.

The truck driver from Florida suffered moderate injuries and a 17-year-old passenger riding with him also suffered moderate injuries. They were both taken to a nearby hospital. The driver of the parked truck and his passenger both suffered minor injuries. They were also taken to a nearby hospital. The truck accident closed the interstate for hours and cleanup was completed by 1:30 p.m.


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