Creative About Avoiding Foreclosure?

ForeclosureSome homeowners are getting creative about avoiding foreclosure. A recent article appearing in Life, Inc. looks into how at least one company is offering to pay struggling homeowners’ mortgages in exchange for painting a colorful advertisement on the front of their home. The mobile advertising network profiled in the article said that the campaign was a way to get word out about their business while also helping struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure.

The CEO says that he is trying to get other businesses to join in his effort. He thought he would paint around 10 houses, but has found that thousands of homeowners are interested in his offered deal and hopes that more business owners will join him in his efforts. He said that he is asking homeowners for a commitment of at least three months, but would continue paying their mortgage for as long as the advertisement was up, which could be for up to a year.

Many homeowners are also fighting to avoid needing a Florida foreclosure attorney. As discussed in the previous post, more judges are cracking down on banks and their attorneys for submitting shoddy paperwork to the courts in foreclosure cases. Judges are getting fed up with faulty or missing paperwork.

Judges say it is easier to find errors in a defended foreclosure case because they have more of an opportunity to examine the documents involved. Judges are also examining the documents involved more closely because banks have been losing credibility during the foreclosure crises and are facing investigations by the FBI, Florida attorney general and Florida Bar.


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