Client Examples

Armed Robbery: Client facing 30 years. Client was charged with armed robbery. He was accused of pointing a gun, later determined to be a BB gun, behind the head of a salesman at a convenience store and demanding money. He also took beer and a pack of cigarettes. Offer was 15 years prison as a PRR. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty.

Armed Robbery: Client facing 30 years. Client was accused of robbing an AT&T store. Testimony at trial was that a bag similar to the one used in the robbery was located in the car the client was a passenger in as well as money in the glove box. Driver of car testified against Client. Offer was 15 years prison. Found Not Guilty by jury.

Armed Robbery and Petit Theft: Client was charged with robbing a taxi driver. The Client allegedly had the driver take him to several locations before pulling a gun on him and taking money. Police were immediately called and located Client. Taxi driver identified Client as robber. Offer was 10 years prison.
Jury found Not Guilty of robbery, guilty of petit theft. Sentenced time served.

Aggravated Fleeing to Elude and Driving on a suspended license: Client was accused of fleeing from police at high speeds after they attempted to stop him for a traffic infraction. Offered 5 years prison and faced 20 years. Found Not Guilty by Jury

Aggravated Fleeing To Elude: Client facing 5 years in prison. It is alleged he drove several extra houses before pulling over for police. Jury found Client Not Guilty

Sex Crimes: A Shreveport criminal attorney will be able to accurately defend these types of crimes.

Sexual Battery: Client was accused of picking up woman and offering her a ride. He allegedly beat her and then raped her. DNA evidence was presented. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty

Sexual Battery: Client accused of raping women. DNA evidence was presented. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty


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