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Foreign Affairs, Negligence

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prohibits the bribery of foreign officials to get or keep business. The scope of permissible conduct is vague, and conducting business with foreign governments requires careful [...]

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Medical Malpractice, Negligence

Financing and Healthcare

Health Care Financing Finding new sources of capital has become of crucial concern for many health care providers. Our qualified has extensive and multi-faceted experience in handling tax-exempt and other financing matters involving health care [...]

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“Telemedicine” Replacing House Calls

A trip to the doctor's office can be a real challenge for many people. Those in rural areas may have to drive hours to see their physician. In the winter, road conditions can prevent both patients and doctors from being able to make their [...]

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NJ Pit Bull Attack Injures Woman

Dog attacks can result in significant injuries for victims. A pit bull attack on a woman in late September led many to believe the victim may not survive. The relatively healthy 62-year-old woman was mauled by two pit bulls in late September. The [...]

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