Two Injured in Florida Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident

Seven vehicles were involved in an accident mid-day Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011. The truck accident began with a large commercial vehicle sitting on the side of the roadway on Interstate 75 running near Bonita Beach, Florida.

Details as to why the truck was stopped on the side of the roadway have not been released, but during its rest alongside the roadway a dark-colored sports utility vehicle crashed into the back end.

The two-car collision quickly turned into a more serious multi-vehicle accident when five other vehicles crashed on the overpass at Bonita Beach Road in a chain reaction to the original crash. One person in the secondary crash was injured and transported to NCH North Napes Hospital where he was treated for his minor injuries.

Investigation is underway as to what caused the driver of the Ford Explorer to run into the back of the larger tractor trailer. However, immediate information is difficult to obtain with the driver being treated for accident related injuries at Lee Memorial Hospital. Florida Highway Patrol is in charge of the ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash that snared traffic in the southbound direction for at least one hour.

Multi-vehicle accidents can become very serious very quickly as the force of each vehicle involved combines with that of the first. Working out who is responsible for the crash can be a difficult task, but there are experienced personal injury attorneys who will help you determine the cause of the crash and what compensation you may be eligible to as a result of driver negligence. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident due to a negligent drive, don’t delay speaking to fresno car accident lawyers.


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